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Here's an overview of the appearance of most CARD$MART® licensed stores across the country. As you can see, CARD$MART® stores are large enough to be a destination card and gift store within their respective trading area. The spectacular presentation - both inside and out - attracts today's consumer.

  • 2,000-4,000 sq. ft. in size with a minimum of 20 feet of frontage

  • Carpeted and brightly lit with a warm, friendly atmosphere

  • Approximately 190 linear feet of greeting cards and gift bags, gift wrap and accessories

  • Gifts merchandised on walls and glass displays

  • Attractive yet neutral décor and accent colors, which appropriately allow emphasis to remain on the products

  • Updated store fixtures that convey a quality appearance

  • Accent lighting to highlight gift and store front areas

  • Window and interior sign package for everyday and seasonal cards and gifts

11 Executive Avenue
Edison, New Jersey, 08817